An anonymous author…

Who is Mark Miller ?
The question is on everyone’s lips !

The mysterious author of Minuit ! New York decided to keep his identity secret and has taken the pen name, Mark Miller. Even publisher and director of  XO Éditions, Bernard Fixot, does not know who is hiding behind it…  

“It is the first time, in my long career as a publisher, that I have been confronted with the situation, one that could have come straight out of a novel. Several months ago in the United States, I was contacted by a mysterious individual who informed me he wished to keep his identity secret. He only told me that he was French and that he lived a few hours’ drive from me, and he asked whether I would agree to read his book.  A first novel that he felt could be very successful. 

The following morning, I found a large envelope containing his manuscript on my doorstep.  Amused and extremely curious, I plunged into reading. Right from the start, magic was at work. Minuit! New York stages characters with whom we can identify in an incredible brilliant story. Added to the suspense and the action is an emotional content of rare intensity. A master piece! An absolute marvel!”

Bernard Fixot
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